Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 5, 1917


Because the drafted soldiers on a troop train passing through the city at 2:30 p.m. Sunday stole the city fire department's pet bulldog, Girlie, there was much excitement around the depot and on the train all the way from Medford to Grants Pass because Chief Lawton and Fireman Taylor Burk boarded the train to rescue the dog.

The firemen were unable to leave the train until Grants Pass was reached, and they did not get back home to the city until 4:30 o'clock, but they came back with Girlie, and with the dignity of Medford upheld.


In the game between Medford and Ashland last Saturday afternoon the Medford eleven was outweighed by eighteen pounds. After the second scrimmage the team lost Grey, their heady quarter, and with him the lost much of their week's practice for new plays and field generalship.

When Ashland pounded the line with ram after ram of beef, coupled with football tactics, the light line of Medford seemed to bend as a band of weaklings. In spite of this it was proven that the game played the previous week gave them some excellent working knowledge, and the spirit of fight necessary for the game. The Ashland eleven played no open or fancy ball and worked only one forward pass successfully. In the coming two weeks the boys will experience some very hard work in line building, and they look forward with pleasure to the game with Grant Pass here on Saturday.

Credit must be given to Ashland, according to Coach Goodman, for playing a clean game all the way through. He says that his boys are training to some extent regarding their food. They did some very hard hitting on tackles, and put two Ashland men out of the game. No more serious injury was sustained than a bruised leg by one man and a sprain in the forearm of another.

Medford has the spirit of fight on top, in spite of the defeat of the early season, and they will give their opponents the idea that every inch of ground is contested ground in the games to come.




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