Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 3, 1917


The rainfall which started late Friday night and lasted until about 9 o'clock this morning was the first rain which had fallen in the valley since September 23, when .05 of an inch fell. The precipitation of last night and this morning amounted to .14 of an inch. The prediction, however, is for continued rain and southerly winds.

Friday night's gentle downpour put a temporary halt to apple picking in the valley today, thus discommoding the orchardists and disappointing many school pupils who had planned to work in the orchards.

A splendid result of the rainfall is that it greatly lessened the danger of further forest fires and helped extinguish those that were burning. Reports received at Forest Supervisor Erickson's office this forenoon were to the effect that the rain was generally all over this section.

The rain came in time to help extinguish three new fires that broke out in the Applegate territory Friday and to which Supervisor Erickson sent a number of fire fighters from this city last night.


The campaign for the Red Cross Christmas fund will close Monday, November 5, so that today will practically be the last day for active solicitation of funds. The people of Medford have responded generously to the demand for sending messages of good will to the American soldiers in France, and the sample Christmas package displayed at the Medford Book store yesterday attracted a large number of interested passersby.

The package represents a splendid assortment of articles useful to the soldier as well as diverting and palatable, and certainly no better use of a dollar and a half could be imagined, than to have one of these remembrances sent with the card of the donor enclosed, to be opened near the trenches Christmas day.

Yesterday Eagle Point showed further evidence of its patriotic spirit by a donation of $12 from the Eagle Point Red Cross auxiliary. The Elks dance was a rousing success last night and the Rialto entertainment will net a material sum to be added to the total.

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