Mail Tribune 100

Oct. 8, 1917


Three forest fires, one of them of serious dimensions, at the head of Elk creek, on the Umpqua divide, are engaging the attention of Forest Supervisor Erickson and his large force of fire-fighters.

Last Saturday night Supervisor Erickson sent out fifteen men with equipment from this city to help fight the fires. On Sunday he himself left for the scene with reinforcements, and this morning, after hearing from Mr. Erickson by telephone, ten more men — all that could be found idle in the city, were hurried out to the fires, and telephone calls were made by the local forestry office on nearby towns in hope of getting ten more fire-fighters to reinforce the band already at work.

In addition to these fires in the forest reserve, the Jackson County Fire Patrol association, thru District State Supervising Fire Warden W. T. Grieve and his force of men, is combating several fires in the county, one of which, located on the ridge back of Jacksonville, could be seen burning from this city Sunday evening and seemed to be of big proportions. Other fires are reported up the Little Applegate, while several brush fires are raging along the foothills to the west and north of Gold Hill.


The condition of Robert Boyl, who some time ago was badly injured in an auto accident near Roseburg, is fast improving and it is expected that he will be able to leave the Roseburg hospital the latter part of the week and return home to Medford. He fortunately escaped internal injury.


The Medford Furniture and Hardware company will establish a military bulletin board in their store where the names, company, regiment, address — as near as possible — of every soldier from Jackson county will be shown at all times. The roster will be of great convenience to the public and will be a novel and unique affair.

The company has a great deal of this data now but it is anxious to have the parents or other relatives of everyone in the service send in their name, etc., at once, that the roster may be up-to-date.

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