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Sept.29, 1917, Continued


One of the popular courses in the high school of Medford is the normal course for teachers. This department is provided for by law and is given to take the place of the training usually given in the state normal schools of this state, now closed.

Last year twenty-four students elected this course and continued throughout the year. Twelve of these graduates were elected to positions in Jackson county, while others obtained positions in various places throughout the state and adjoining states. The law entitles each student finishing the course to a state certificate, renewable for one year.

A thorough course is given in methods in teaching Oregon school law. Reviews are given on American history and civics. In addition to this, a course in rural sociology and elementary psychology is given. Each student is expected to spend one year in observation and teaching practice. The latter extends over a period of fifteen weeks.

Miss Olive Hood will be at the head of this department for the coming year. Miss Hood is a graduate of the University of Denver and has had several years' successful teaching. She comes as a rural specialist.

Inasmuch as the course is intended to fit teachers for country schools, much time will be spent in studying the rural conditions of this state. In the spring students will be assigned to rural schools for observation and teaching practice. Every effort is being made by the board and superintendent to make this course both popular and worth while to students.

Those taking this course are urged to enroll either Friday afternoon or any time Saturday.


Under ideal conditions as to propitious weather and a program unexcelled, the attendance at the massed band concert, Chautauqua Auditorium, on Thursday evening was a frost, humiliating alike to performers and patrons, nonwithstanding the fact that the merits of the entertainment were superb and the price of admission a mere pittance. Another instance of faithful effort going unrewarded, not only in a financial way but in the larger sense of deserved appreciation not being forthcoming us to patronage. Some of the faithful few who did attend were overheard to observe that the band merger ought to repeat the entertainment at Medford, implying a rebuke to the apathy prevailing here.

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