Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 29, 1917


 The official Crater Lake season will come to an end Sunday night, when the hotels at both the upper and lower camps and other accommodations for the public will be closed, and the services of the summer park employees for the season will be dispensed with.

As this is the best month of the year at the lake, and the weather there a large part of September is beautiful, a number of visitors will probably yet visit the lake before prohibitive weather sets in. The road and trail building work will be continued until winter weather prevents.

The attendance at the lake this year up to Friday has numbered 11,366 persons, which is less than the number who visited the wonder resort last season. However, the number of autos entering the park was much larger than last season.

The decreased attendance to the lake this summer and fall is attributed chiefly to the forest fires and smoke in the vicinity of Crater Lake park.

The attendance this season up to Friday by the various entrances was as follows:

Medford entrance, autos 1,337, people 5,913.

Southern entrance, autos 937, people 3,853.

Eastern entrance (estimated), autos 400, people 1,600.

Total autos, 2,674; total people, 11,366.


The public library and the library board are gratified for the response which has met their efforts to raise Medford's proportion of the war library fund. At noon Saturday $250 had been received and more will be turned in during the afternoon. Phoenix, Eagle Point, and other out of town districts have contributed generously. At the Oak Grove school (west of town) the Boy Scouts collected quite a sum in nickels and pennies.

The library will be glad to accept this afternoon and evening contributions from any who have not already subscribed.

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