Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 13, 1917


State Highway Engineer Herbert Nunn of Portland spent Thursday in Medford after an inspection on work in progress on the Siskiyou highway.

"There is every prospect that the macadamizing of the Siskiyou section will be completed this fall," stated Mr. Nunn. "The quarry is running night and day. At least we have a most efficient macadamizing crew and the best organization we have yet secured for the work. Engineer L. L. Clark has been placed in charges and will rush the job through to completion, ready for paving next year with a bitulithic surface. We still hope this connection link will be finished before winter. The state stands ready to proceed with its part as soon as possible."


One thousand and thirty-one soldiers of the army en route to the American Lake, Washington, military cantonment will be the guest of Medford for breakfast on the morning of Sunday, Sept. 23. They will arrive and depart in several special trains.

Thursday morning A. J. Van Waning, agent of the Southern Pacific, received a telegram from the quartermaster's department of the army at San Francisco, stating that the soldiers will stop here for breakfast and asking that he interest the Commercial club and Red Cross chapter to make arrangements for feeding the large body of men. The government allows 60 cents per man in payment for the meal, and according to the telegram, whatever profit is made on the breakfast can be applied to the local chapter of the Red Cross. Agent Van Waning at once got in touch with the Commercial club and Red Cross officials, and President McDonald of the Commercial club arranged for a meeting at the public library this afternoon of the club and the Red Cross officers to decide on plans for feeding the expected military guests. The soldiers are presumably coming from San Francisco.

In part the telegram of inquiry reads as follows:

"On Sept. 23 special train of 490 soldiers will arrive in Medford at 6:30 a.m. for breakfast and at 8 a.m. same day another special of 541 will arrive for breakfast. Can you make arrangements with Chamber of Commerce and Red Cross as a patriotic duty. The government allows 60 cents per man per meal. Any profits accruing can be applied to the local association."

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