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Sept.15, 1917, continued


Among the several activities of the Soldiers' Auxiliary, a special committee has been appointed to remember the birthdays of all of the boys who have gone into Uncle Sam's service from our community, in all branches of the army and navy. While the organization has emphasized the needs of the Seventh company, in its appeals to the public for support, because a larger number of our boys are represented in the artillery than in other branches, it has not overlooked or forgotten the recruits outside of the company.

The corresponding secretary, Mrs. R. I. Wilson, began the work by securing a complete roster of the boys from the various recruiting offices, an undertaking which alone required a great deal of work, and which was followed up by correspondence resulting in a list of all birthdays, which was turned over to the committee in charge of the work, and plans were made for remembering each birthday as it comes with a generous box of home-made candy and a hearty birthday greeting from the organization. Several birthdays have already been remembered in this way, and there are twelve more on the committee's list for this month.

One of the remembered recently is in the marine corps, "somewhere in the United States." He has acknowledged receipt of the remembrance in the following letter to the committee:

"I received the birthday package today, and am writing at once to thank you and the Soldiers' Auxiliary for your kindness. It certainly seems good to get a package from your home town, especially home-made candy, for it is a very scarce article here. The boys realize the great effort the people at home are making to make life more pleasant for them, and I think that the Soldiers' Auxiliary is doing a great help in adding pleasure to the lives of Uncle Sam's boys.

"I have been in the service about three months, and I like the marine corps fine. We have plenty to eat and good, comfortable quarters. Must close now, as it is nearly 'chow' time. Thanking you and the Soldiers' Auxiliary for your kindness, I am gratefully yours, Lester H. Jacobs -U.S. Marine Corps.

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