Mail Tribune 100

August 8, 1917


The Jackson County Fire Patrol association is considering the advisability of asking Governor Withycombe to delay the opening of the deer hunting season from August 15, until such time as all danger of forest fires is past. Unless rain falls sooner this action is sure to be taken.

This fact, together with the news that the forest fire situation in the county is much improved today, and the further fact that it has been discovered that a number of the recent forest fires were of incendiary origin, are the features in the fire situation today.

"The association is merely considering asking the governor to postpone the hunting season," said State Supervising Fire Warden Grieve this noon.

The forests are so dry now that there is grave danger of many fires being started accidentally by hunters. We only want the hunting season postponed until the fire risk danger period is past. Of course, if we should have a good rain over the county, there would be no occasion for such request.

"If it should be necessary to delay the opening of the hunting, no hardship would be worked on the deer hunters, as it is too dry for hunting. The forest fire risk is greater this season than in 1909, which was considered one of the worst of years in this regard. The dry period this season is much longer than it was that year."

There is also a probability that Oregon hunters may be shut off from hunting for a time in California, as there is a move on in Klamath county and neighboring counties in California to request that the California hunting season be delayed because of the fire danger resulting from L. W. W. troubles.

"The forest fires situation in this county is much improved today," said Warden Grieve this noon. "The cool nights have aided us greatly in getting control of the many fires. Last night there was a heavy frost up in the mountain districts. Most of the serious fires are burning slowly and are being restricted to certain areas. One new fire was reported yesterday in the south end of the county on Split Rock Creek at the head of the Little Applegate."

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