Mail Tribune 100

August 10, 1917


County Commissioner Frank H. Madden has returned from a summer spent at the three salmon canneries operated by Madden and Hanley in Alaska. Speaking of the salmon outlook, Mr. Madden said:

"The season has been 'spotted,' good in some locations; poor in others. The run was generally late and has been uneven. Many canneries will have but a fraction of the catch they prepared for, others will have a fair pack. Speaking as a whole, however, the pack will not be a large one. Our new cannery on Prince Rupert Sound promises a good pack, with six weeks season remaining, but the pack at our Copper River plant will be vary small, due to overfishing the stream. When we built the cannery, we were pioneers and had that field, now, however, there are five canneries, none of them probably profitable. Between our own three different canneries, however, we will average a fair pack.

"It now looks as if the Puget Sound season would be comparatives failure. But a short time remains and there is no considerable pack."

Mr. Madden will remain over for the county courts meeting next Monday to pass upon the application for the creation of an irrigation district.


There was a mixture of joy and sadness in the campy of C company yesterday and today, the sadness being due to the probable fatal injury of Von Hindenburg, the company mascot, and the joy to a letter from Colonel Barr, commander of the Vancouver barracks post, praising the heroic conduct of two members of the company.

Von Hindenburg was injured near Central Point yesterday while marching with the company. The dog's condition today was still serious and no hopes are held out for his recovery.

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