Mail Tribune 100

July 31, 1917


Twenty-one alleged members of the Industrial Workers of the World, arrested following the burning of Martin Brothers flour mill recently, pleaded guilty to vagrancy charges here today and were given sentences ranging from 30 days to six months imprisonment.

Two other prisoners were sentenced to pay a fine of $100 or serve ten days in jail for contempt of court and two others pleaded not guilty and asked for jury trials.

Recently Governor Withycombe recommended the men be given long sentences to insure the safety of the grain crops, which will be harvested while they are confined. The officials may put the men on the rock pile.


Justice of the Peace Taylor this forenoon, on recommendation of County Prosecutor Roberts, and after they had changed their plea of not guilty to guilty, sentenced H. McKee and Frank Parker, two young men, to twenty days in jail, and then suspended sentence during good behavior and on condition that they go to work at once.

They, with Maud Sturgis and two others, were arrested for creating a disturbance last Friday afternoon and evening in the house at the corner of South Newton and Eighth streets. The ringleaders of the party escaped at the time and the police and county authorities have been unable to gain any trace of them since.

Maud Sturgis, 19 years old, was given into custody of her father, an Applegate rancher, today, after a consultation between the father, Prosecutor Roberts and Justice Taylor. She was taken back home by the parent. Hers was the case of a country girl coming to the city and getting into bad company. First she came to Medford to attend high school, and after that she was employed at several places in the city.

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