Mail Tribune 100

August 6, 1917


Forest fires of serious dimensions broke out Saturday in several different parts of the county from lightning and unknown causes and were still raging Monday. These fires are nearly all in heavy timber and strenuous efforts are being made by the Jackson County Fire Patrol association to master them as soon as possible. Several of the fires are of the crown variety.

Three of the fires are in the Elk Creek district in big timber. Three others, also in heavy timber, are raging in the Prospect district in the same township as the recent fires there but in other locations. The association has thirty men at work on the fires.

Another heavy timber fire is at Salt Creek, a tributary of Little Butte creek. This is a crown fire. Fourteen men at work on it. Still another tree-top fire in heavy timber is that at Keeler creek in the Applegate country. Ten men are battling with it.


There are all sorts of rumors about town that from eleven to twenty members of the Seventh company have failed to pass the physical examination of the army and will be sent back home. So far no official news has been received as to how many of the members were disqualified. Eleven had been Saturday.

George Gates, son of Mayor and Mrs. C. E. Gates, had a close squeeze, being twice rejected by the examination last Friday evening, but according to the word received today by Mayor Gates, he passed with flying colors. Letters received in the city today state that Frank Amy is among those who failed to pass the examination.

Albert Barr, the popular company cook, was about to be rejected because of bad teeth, and letters received today say that every member of the company contributed 50 cents to a fund to pay for fixing his teeth to the required army standard.

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