Mail Tribune 100

August 3, 1917


The thunder shower of yesterday afternoon was hailed with joy by residents of Medford and vicinity, but only .09 of an inch of rain fell, not enough to do growing crops, vegetables and berries any good. At the weather bureau office it was stated today that it would take at least one-half inch more of rain to be of any assistance.

It was the first show that has fallen in Medford for six weeks, and the storm was purely local. It seemed to come from over the east hills, and after leaving a few drops at Ashland and Talent, was more generous with the moisture in Medford and vicinity.

Up in the mountains, however, there was a hard fall of rain, accompanied with hail. Pat Swayne reported today that about two inches of rain fell yesterday afternoon in the Applegate.


The Greater Medford club, winch has been collecting paper all summer, wishes to make a shipment in the next week or two. All who have not sent in their paper will please take it to the shed at the Washington school. Old magazines, catalogues, books, newspapers, etc., will be acceptable. They do not have to be tied, but it is desirable that they should be clean. The women have to handle them in making the bundles, and moldy, dirty paper makes their work very hard. Anyone having no means of sending will please call 750-R or 426 between 10 o'clock a. m. and 6 o'clock p. m. The money realized from the sale of this paper will be given to the Red Cross association. The Greater Medford club hopes to have a full car. Everybody help.


The Dixie Assocation will meet in annual reunion in the parks on Wednesday, August 15. Both dinner and supper will be served in the park. John. H. Dill is president, the vice president is Mrs. W. M. Barber and secretary, Mrs. F. F. Whittle.

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