Mail Tribune 100

July 28, 1917


On Tuesday afternoon, July 31, at 2 o'clock the packing house and cold storage plant of the Rogue River Fruit and Produce association will be open for visitors. All who are interested in the association's methods of operation are cordially invited to attend. loose fruit in packing boxes will be conveyed by machinery from the truck level outside the building upstairs and thru the entire length of the packing room.

Packed fruit will be similarly conveyed from the different nailing presses thru the packing room on the second floor, downstairs thru a spiral chute and thru the entire length of the cold-storage rooms. This will give the growers an opportunity to see exactly how the association will handle the fruit from the time it is taken off the auto truck, loose, until it is placed in the cold room, packed. It will also enable growers to inspected the cold storage rooms and all of the equipment for packing and handling.

All improvements and repairs have been completed and the entire plant is now ready for operation and will furnish constant and efficient cold storage for at least forty cars of fruit. In addition to its own cold storage facilities, the association has under contract its proportionate share of commercial cold storage outside houses in this valley.

The association receives daily wires giving the Bartlett auction market prices in New York, Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia. These are posted generally by 2 o'clock each day in the association's office, where any interested parties can see them. Up to date the Bartlett market has ruled high. Friday's tonnage in New York consisted of fourteen cars, or 7,000 boxes, and the average price was $3.32.

The bulk of the Sacramento river crop has yet to be received and disposed of, but it is worthy of note that a comparison of this year's markets with corresponding markets of last year shows this year's prices from 25 to 75 cents ahead of last year's. The Rogue River Bartlett picking will probably not commence before the 15th or 20th of August, and it is quite possible that California disposed of before that date.

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