Mail Tribune 100

July 11, 1917


The new school board at its meeting last night expeditiously and neatly decapitated the board clerk, H. S. Stine, who had been reelected, contrary to precedent, by the old board and immediately after declaring the office of clerk vacant elected Frank Reddin as clerk. The board also gave indications of a shakeup in the schools.

Mr. Stine gracefully took his medicine, made no comment whatever and continued to keep the records of the meeting as though nothing had happened. No outward lack of harmony was shown during the entire meeting. Mr. Stine has served as the clerk for the past four years. The position pays $250 a year. He will make no fight to retain it.

The board's action came without warning. After routine business had been discussed, Dr. E. P. Riddle, new member, stated that at the request of a large number of citizens he made a motion that the office of board clerk be declared vacant. Dr. E. H. Porter, the other new member, at once seconded the motion, which was placed by President B. J. Palmer.

Drs. Riddle and Porter voted for the motion. H. O. Nordwick, holdover member from the old board, remained silent, and Mr. Palmer, as president, had no vote. W. H. Phipps, another holdover member, did not attend the meeting, being busy at his ranch. Neither did Mr. Nordwick vote against the motion.

Immediately following the carrying of the motion Dr. Porter placed in nomination the name of Frank Redden as clerk. Dr. Riddle seconded the motion which was carried by the votes of the doctors and Mr. Nordwick.

Having tasted blood, the well-meaning but rambunctious doctors started out after another scalp, that of P. H. Daily, principal of the high school the past year. On motion of Dr. Riddell and the second of Dr. Porter, the board voted to hold up the already signed contract of Prof. Daily for further consideration. This further consideration means that "Pat" Daily's career as principal is probably at an end.

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