Mail Tribune 100

July 13, 1917


Unless there is rain soon Forest Supervisor M. L. Erickson fears one of the most disastrous forest fire seasons in many years.

"The conditions haven't been so alarming" said Mr. Erickson yesterday, "since 1910, when troops had to be sent to the valley to fight the fires. Of course we have a more efficient fire fighting organization now, but there is danger of a labor shortage this year which more than offsets that advantage. The extreme heat and the constant hot wind has parched the soil and trees throughout the forest reserve and the department makes an urgent appeal to the people of southern Oregon to co-operate in preventing fires. Campers are particularly urged to be careful of their fires and of their cigar and cigarette stubs, also lighted matches. It would take very little to start a devastating blaze with the forests in their present condition."

The forest service is rushing the three fire-lookouts on Windy Peak, Mt. McLoughlin and Rustler Butte, so that there will be no delay in preparations for fire fighting. The trail from the Blue Ledge mine to Windy Peak, which runs from the mine through the rock precipices to the Buck and Sullivan Gap, is finished, the forest service and the Blue ledge mine doing the work jointly. The trail will be used extensively by miners in order to get into the Buck Sullivan district.

The fire-lookout houses, knocked down, have been shipped from Portland as have ten government mules which are to be used to transport the houses to the peaks. It is hoped to have all the lookouts established in the very near future.


  • Because he operated an employment agency without a license, Frank Walters of Medford was sentenced to serve twenty days in the county jail by Police Judge Taylor Friday morning. Walters pleaded guilty. He refused to employ counsel. Walters has been operating the labor bureau for about three months.

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