Mail Tribune 100

July 7, 1917


Those irrepressible Boy Scouts of Grants Pass played fast and loose this week with the dignity of their commander, Ben Sheldon. The lads under the command of Scout Master Sheldon have been camping out this week in the park at Ashland.

Mr. Sheldon's discipline was light. Each boy was required to be at roll call in camp at 6 a. m. and 10 p.m. daily. The rest of the day they were permitted to spend as they pleased.

Tuesday night at roll call the wide-awake boys pleaded to be permitted to remain up to witness the Roundup fun in the park and on the streets. But Scout Master Sheldon sternly ordered them to bed at once, and after he was sure that the order had been obeyed himself went down to see the fun.

About 1 a. m. he returned very tired and sleepy. "Oh hum", he remarked as he started for his tent after he had listened and counted up all the youthful snorers, "thereby nothing like a good bed."

But his bed was gone. So was his tent and all the rest of its contents. Not a vestige in sight. No sound but snores and suppressed giggles. No clue. "Daw gone it," he ejaculated.

About 2 a. m. the scout master finally found his tent, bedding, etc., on the hillside about one-quarter of a mile from camp.

Mr. Sheldon feels quite ruffled over the treatment accorded him by his charges and after their return home will refer the case to the editor of the Grants Pass Courier, the manger of the chamber of commerce and the local correspondent of the Oregonian for advice as to disciplinary punishment.

Yesterday and today the Boy Scouts spent in climbing to the top of Mt. Wagner.

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