Mail Tribune 100

May 8, 1917


Cracksmen blew the safe of the Phoenix Mercantile company and the postoffice at Phoenix at an early hour Tuesday and got away without leaving a clue with $200 of the company's money, $65 of the postoffice funds, $18 of the city funds, and $3 of the Phoenix high school students' fund, all of which they obtained from the big safe. They did not take a single one of the large quantity of stamps in the safe, however.

In addition to the other plunder obtained from the safe they took away checks to the value of $43 and a $15 county warrant.

From a smaller safe which was unlocked, as it was broken into some time ago and had never been repaired, the burglars took $12 in gold nuggets and $3.50 in gold dust.

The burglary took place at 3:30 a.m. as at that time the muffled sound of the safe blowing was heard by several residents who did not think anything about it at the time. The burglary was not discovered until Tuesday morning when the store was opened.

Sheriff Ralph Jennings was notified at once and was soon on the scene. From the investigation he made and the marks on the safe there is no doubt that the cracksmen had to fire three charges of explosive before they got into the inner compartment of the safe.

Entrance was gained to the store by prying open a door and breaking a lock.

There seems to be no doubt in the minds of Sheriff Jennings and others, that the work was done by professional cracksmen. Additional color is lent to this theory by the fact that the burglars did not take any stamps, as an attempt to dispose of stamps might lead to detection.


  • J. E. Clement, superintendent of the Westerlund orchards, who was badly inured in a runaway accident last Thursday, is still in a serious condition. As on account of the many hurts and brusies he received he has been unable to move, it has not yet been determined whether he suffered internal injuries.

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