Mail Tribune 100

April 20, 1917


County Prosecutor Roberts will probably swear out a warrant for the arrest of a man known as C. B. Williams on the charge of kidnapping Howard, the 9-year-old son of J. A. Waite from the Lewis & Harr ranch at Watkins, Squaw Creek last Tuesday.

The present whereabouts of Williams and the boy is unknown, but it is though that they are headed eastward to join Mrs. Wiate, who has been separated from her husband for some time, and when last heard from was in Iowa. Williams is presumed to be an agent or special detective of Mrs. Waite employed to gain possession of the boy for her.

Williams visited the Watkins ranch, where Mr. Waite was employed, last Monday and induced Waite to go to Roseburg to accept a position in that city. The next day Williams returned to the ranch and pretending, it is claimed, that Mr. Waite had sent for the boy, took the lad away. Word of his son's disappearance was telegraphed to Mr. Wiate in Roseburg, who returned Friday morning. He stated that no position awaited him at Roseburg and his trip there was arranged to get him out of the country.


Medford has probably seen the last of 11-year-old "Sergeant" Frank, erstwhile musical mascot of the Seventh company, C. A. C., and also of his father, E. Holstein, who has been under espionage here by secret service men as a German spy suspect. Father and son left Medford on Friday morning for New York City, as Holstein claimed, where he said the boy would study the violin under the famous Zimbalist. However, it was learned that Holstein had purchased tickets to Grants Pass only. He is still under espionage.

Holstein, who speaks broken English, first appeared here several weeks ago with the boy, and they soon appeared at the Seventh company armory, where the youth's splendid work on the cornet and bugle made him a popular favorite and he was adopted as a mascot.

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