Mail Tribune 100

April 19, 1917


In accordance with special instructions from the city council, Chief of Police Hittson was busy Thursday in ordering all portable signs removed from the sidewalks in front of the stores and hallways. The council regarded the signs as unsightly and as impeding the process of pedestrians.

The council will also order that all electric signs not placed in accordance with city regulations, especially those that are suspended far out over the sidewalk, be replaced in conformity with the city ordinances, thus doing away with a fire menace and a source of danger to pedestrians during a high wind.

Chief Hittson and Electrical Inspector Hinman have been handicapped somewhat in the past in trying to enforce the ordinances relating to movable and electric signs, by appeals made by offenders to councilmen. Now the council has decided to back up both officials in these matters.


Flag can now be flown from the Medford federal building and recruiting banners hung out also, and the local branch of the Red Cross can have its headquarters in the building if it desires and can recruit members in the lobbies. Orders to the above effect were received Thursday from the United States treasury department, which has charge of all federal buildings. The order reads as follows:

"In view of the international conditions now existing, the department regulations forbidding the display of the national ensign and recruiting banners from windows of federal buildings are temporarily suspended. The American Red Cross is regarded by the department as having a quasi-official status, and the solicitation of funds and members by duly authorized representatives of the society may therefore be permitted in the lobbies of public buildings.

"If desired, temporary assignment of available room may be made."

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