Mail Tribune 100

April 12, 1917


It now appears that the arrest of the couple known as E. Cravendore and wife for passing worthless checks on Medford business men, has more than local significance, and that the prisoners are wanted on similar charnges in other parts of Oregon. County Prosecutor Roberts and Chief of Police Hittson are investigating the record of Cravendore.

The couple now are languishing in the county jail at Jacksonville because of inability to raise bailbonds, although the young woman's bond is only $200.

It has developed that Cravendore has a criminal record and that he once served a term of a year in the workhouse for crooked work done in Portland. He is at present wanted by the Portland police on the charge of forgery, under the name of Irving P. Oehler, word to that effect having been received by Chief Hittson Wednesday evening. The description of Oehler tallies exactly with that of Cravendore.

The prisoner admits that his name is Oehler and says that he is the son of a Portland contractor, and that at one time he followed the plumbing trade in Portland. At one time also he operated a cheap restaurant in Portland. It is claimed he defrauded numerous creditors of both his restaurant and plumbing establishment — that he ordered numerous supplies on credit from wholesale houses and then sold them and pocketed the proceeds.

Cravendore and his wife, who was known as Nan Smith when she resided in Medford and vicinity answer the description closely of a worthless check passer who, representing themselves to be Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Holdman of Portland, operated in Eugene two weeks ago. They visited a Eugene real estate dealer and pretended they desired to purchase a ranch. The dealer escorted them around an entire day visiting various properties. Then Holdman induced the dealer to cash a worthless check drawn on Ladd & Tilton's bank of Portland.

Next day the couple disappeared leaving behind them an unpaid hotel bill and several business men holding bad checks.

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