Mail Tribune 100

March 14, 1917


The wrangle over the state basketball title between Medford and Roseburg bids fair to be settled once and for all, Coach Otto Klum of Medford having written a letter yesterday to Ted Jewett, captain of the Roseburg games, for one game for the the title on the University of Oregon floor at Eugene, March 23, or 23 and 24. Everett May, coach of the basketball for the O. A. C. was suggested by Klum as the official for the game.

Roseburg recently captured the basketball tournament at Williamette University of Salem, defeated many of the best teams of the northern part of the state, thereby setting up her claims to the state title. However, Medford defeated the Roseburg aggregation two out of three games on the local floor.

Following their second defeat here the Roseburg team vented their spleen by hurling accusations of rough playing and poor sportsmanship, interpolated with threats of what would happen if Medford should come to Roseburg. As it happened, in the games here it was necessary to call more fouls on Roseburg than on Medford.

Because of the attitude taken by Roseburg and because of the fact that the Roseburg floor is not regulation, being smaller than standard size, that it is used for dancing and therefore is too slippery to be fast and safe and that flexible hoops are used for baskets, Klum has refused to play at Roseburg.

Statements given out by Roseburg players claiming the title by default led Klum to open negotiations for a game or games on a neutral floor to settle the question. An answer from Jewett, at Roseburg, is expected tonight.

Interest in the games to be played with Ashland Friday and Saturday of this week has been stimulated as a result of the probability of settling the state title. Local fans are anxious to judge of Medford's speed and accuracy and a large crowd is expected to witness their last appearance of the season on the local floor Friday night.

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