Mail Tribune 100

March 13, 1917


The middle aged wanderer who was seriously injured in the freight wreck at Voorhies early Monday morning, who was thought yesterday to have small chance of recovering, regained consciousness this morning and according to the sisters at the Sacred heart Hospital will recover.

To Dr. E. B. Pickel he stated when picked up, that his name was McElligot. Today he refuses to make any statement as to his name or residence.

Deputy Coroner C. Y. Tengwaidd holds an inquest over the body of J. M. Davidson of Modesto, Cal., who was killed in the wreck, at four o'clock this afteroon at Perl's Undertaking parlors. No relatives of Davidson have yet been found.

Work of clearing up the wreckage at Voorhies crossing is proceeding rapidly with two wrecking cranes and crews on the job. It is thought all will be cleared away some time tomorrow morning.

Crowds of sightseers continued to visit the scene today.


At tonight's meeting at the Star Theater, State Highway commissioner E. J. Adams of Eugene will outline to Medford citizens the position of the new highway commission toward the construction of the Pacific Crater Lake highways. Mr. Adams arrived from Grants Pass Tuesday morning, where a meeting was held Monday evening, and will address Ashland citizens this afternoon.

Mr. Adams stated that he was opposed to the construction of the Tiller cut off at this time and that the Pacific highway should be the first road completed by the state. The program regarding the first road, which includes the Crater lake highway, would have to be determined jointly by the state commission and the forestry bureau.

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