Mail Tribune 100

Feb. 13, 1917


John Dedmond, picked up by the police February 11 while drunk, was given a hearing before justice Glenn O. Taylor Monday morning and pleaded guilty to the charge of drunkenness and disorderly conduct and he was given a sentence of 30 days in the county jail. Sentence was suspended upon condition that Dedmond leave the city and go to work. Dedmond's wife, who also figured in the affair of the 11th, attempted to commit suicide during the holidays but was prevented by quick work on the part of Police Sergeant Crawford.


The socialists of Talent have arranged a lecture to be held in Talent city hall, February 23, at 7:30 p.m. They have obtained as speaker Victor Jay McCone, state secretary treasurer of the Oregon Socialist party and editor of the Oregon Harold, the official socialist paper of Oregon.

Mr. McCone is a newcomer to the West from Boston, Mass., and has already made his mark in public life in Oregon. He led the recent agitation in Portland for a reduction in the high cost of living, opposing boycotting of the products of the farmers, and advocating instead the socialization of all food producing, distributing and storage agencies. He laid a delegation of housewives and working people before the mayor and city council of Portland, Or., and urged upon the city government the need of action to reduce the high cost of food and other necessities. As a result of the agitation led by Mr. McCone, a noticeable reduction in the prices of certain staple food stuffs was noted in the Portland market.

Before coming west Mr. McCone devoted himself to the lecture platform and is well known along the entire length of the Atlantic coast.

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