Mail Tribune 100

Feb. 10, 1917, continued

Editor’s note: There was no Feb. 11, 1917, paper.


C. A. Perry, commonly known in the city as "Tex," was taken into custody Saturday morning when he alighted from an Ashland jitney and Sheriff Jennings alleged violation of the "bone dry" law. A carton containing twelve pints of whiskey was found in his possession. To a complaint filed in Justice Taylor's court he pleaded not guilty. He was taken to Jacksonville to await his hearing Tuesday morning, Feb. 13, at 10 a.m. Perry is said to have gotten off train 14 at Talent and there to have boarded a jitney to Medford.


The print-paper market is in such serious condition that the publisher of a small city daily which printed a four-page advertising circular for one of his customers has been taken to task by the paper mills for wasting paper.

He was warned that the mills were not able to keep up with the legitimate demands of the newspapers for paper and that such waste of paper would not be tolerated. He was told that this was an excess usage of paper and warned that he must practice the most rigid economy because the mill could only furnish paper for his regular edition.

Even in view of the fact that the price has risen over 150 per cent on this grade of paper, the publishers are unable to have all their requirements taken care of by the mills.

The difference is the old and the present price of news print costs papers with the circulation of the Mail Tribune more than $300 per month, while papers like the New York Globe are paying tribute to the paper combine exceeding $2,000 per day.

This increase in costs goes into every department of newspaper making and increased advertising, and subscription rates are being put into effect by publishers all over the country to prevent them going into bankruptcy. There is no relief in sight, and even the committee appointed by congress to investigate the cost of print paper have failed to arrive at any conclusion other than to economize all possible paper use and raise rates to offset the increased cost.

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