Mail Tribune 100

Feb. 10, 1917


The city council met in adjourned session with Mayor Gates presiding. All councilmen present excepting Dr. J. J. Emmens.

Report of Police Judge Taylor for January, 1917, showing fines of $35.45 collected.

Application of E. White for member of police force, read and filed, the position having already been filled.

Communication of Merchants association asking that hitching racks in the city be repaired. Petition filed. Work on the racks is now being done.

Petition of Tom Flynn asking permission to install a distillate tank and pump in front of his place of business on West Main street. Petition was signed by a number of citizens. After a discussion it was laid on the table. The discussion of the proposition developed the fact that the council opposed to the oil tanks and pumps on Main street and at some future time an ordinance will be passed ordering the removal of all the tanks and pumps from Main street.

Report of Fire Chief Lawton for year ending December 1, 1916, was read and filed. It shows 75 calls turned in, 8 of which were false alarms and 9 were outside city limits. The other calls were 22 fires, 12 grass, 5 residences and the others were miscellaneous. Total loss was $4,159.75, covered by insurance. Salaries of department $5,479.23, supplies $1,952.40. Cost of Department 74 cents per capita; loss by fire 44 cents per capita.

The water committee reported that it would take about $2,100 to lay 6-inch water mains 1,500 feet to city limits to accommodate the lumber mill and box factories. The city engineer was instructed to get prices on pipe and the proposition will be taken up at another meeting in the near future.

It was decided to employ A. E. Reames as special counsel to assist City Attorney Mears in the bond case of C. D. Colby vs. the City of Medford.

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