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Dec. 2, 1916

Editor’s note: There was no Dec. 3, 1916, paper.


The address at the Elks memorial services on Sunday, December 3, will be given by Mrs. E. B. Hanley of Medford. The opening ceremonies will incldude a selection by the orchestra, and ode followed by the roll call of absent members by the secrtary. Invocation, Rev. P. K. Hammond; Solo, "Face to Face," Prof. Earl Rasor; Eulogy, A. LeRoy Strickland; Violin solo, Sumner Parker; solo, "The Lord is My Light," Mrs. H. T. Elmore, Mrs. A. LeRoy Strickland is accompanist.

The closing ceremonies incorporate the doxology in which the audience, as is customary, is invited to join, and the benediction by the Rev. Hammond. The memorial committee includes J. Choate, Wilfred Carr and Howard Barrett.

The neurological list in behalf of whom the ceremonies are held, include 37 deceased members. The first death in the local membership of Ashland Lodge No. 944 was Charles V. Hermann, the last being the late Fred L. Dodge. Three members have died during the past year, W. S. Howery, Ellie Nell and Fred Dodge.

The ceremonies being at 2:20 p.m., to which the public is invited in accordance with custom, and the exercises will be typical of an annual observance, which the Elks conduct in memory of their fraternal dead.

The officers of Ashland Lodge are: George Owen, exalted ruler; George Watson , esteemed leading knight; C. L. Miller, esteemed lecturing knight; J. E. Thornton, secretary; P. Provost, treasurer; Clifford Jenkins, esquire; G. H. Hedberg, inner guard; Rev. P. K. Hammond, chaplain.


  • Supporters of the Medynski plan for the solution of Medford's paving problem under the name of the "People's Progressive Non-Partisan Paving Party" will hold a mass meeting in the Natatorium, December 13 at 8 o'clock. Several speakers, who will be announced later, will be present to outline the merits of the Medynski plan and to analyze the plan worked out by Col. Howard A. Hanson. More meetings will follow before the date of the election in January.


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