Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 27, 1916


The I. W. W. invasion has arrived and departed. To the number of about fifty they drained from a freight Saturday evening, and in fatigue uniform marched to the old Fourth street fire station, where they went into "executive session," with a sentry-guarding the portals. A dozen ordinary hoboes without credentials, who had preempted the premises earlier in the evening, were given the grand bounce pending the business meeting of the regular organization, which voiced a requisition upon city authorities for food, shelter and transportation south.

They were given two meals and shelter, and left in a body on a through freight Sunday noon, singing "Hold the Forth," which presumably implied that they would storm the fortifications at Hornbrook later in the day. Two were taken ill here and required the services of a physician. They ascribed this indisposition to ptomaine poisoning contracted from the light refreshments served here in the way of soup and sandwiches.

Spokesman for the party asserted they were in search of work, which they expected to get on the Hetch-Hechty water project, which is to supply San Francisco. Aside from a little loud talk in the way of demonstration there was no disturbance whatever in connection with their visit, police having every movement under surveillance.


Joe Snnott and Bob Medley, having nothing to do last Sunday, decided to surprise their Medford friends by bringing home a bear skin. They had gone about one-half mile from the hotel on their quest of the bear that was to furnish the skin when Bob discovered the tracks of a gigantic cougar. There was snow enough for good tracking and the boys decided to track the beast to his lair and slay him. Bob was to collect the bounty and Joe was to get the skin, which he decided would make a handsome rug. The tracks led them to the open door of the hotel woodshed, where the cougar turned out to be Jim Grieve's Great Dane, Rowdo. Friends are requested to refrain from discussing rugs and bounties in the presence of Bob and Joe.

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