Mail Tribune 100

Oct. 18, 1916


A Hughes rally was held at the Valley View schoolhouse, north of Ashland; the speakers being Ben Sheldon, W. H. Gore and Bert R. Greer. Mr Sheldon endorsed C M. Thomas, his legislative running mate, who was unable to be present, and reviewed the history of the republican party. He quoted statistics on the building boom in Portland and the falling off after the boom as proof that the republican party was the party of prosperity. Mr. Gore devoted himself to the democratic platform of 1912 and claimed the promises broken. Mr. Greer discussed the Mexican problem from an interventor's standpoint. Mrs. Herbert Hanna opened the meeting with a vocal solo.

Hughes headquarters have been moved from M. F. & H. building to the Medford National bank building.


  • Johnny Whipple of Medford wanted on a charge of fracturing the liquor laws was arrested here on Monday and turned over to the police authorities of that city.

  • Edgar Sheldon, son of Miles Sheldon of this city, is now with the Royal Mail Line. His ship is the Maitic,' plying between San Francisco and Wellington, New Zealand, in the fruit and coconut trade stopping at American, English and French ports among the South Pacific group of islands. Edgar writes his father that he has a good job at $65 per month and his "keep" and is going to stick to it until he secures command of a vessel. It takes 23 days to unmake the trip one way. Edgar has not been to Ashland for four years.

  • Specifically, the Ashland school budget calls for $44,225 for the forthcoming year. The balance is available from various appointments. Teachers compensation requires $28,375, and redemption of bonds and payment of interest, $6,250.

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