Mail Tribune 100

Oct. 17, 1916


The grand jury was convened Monday morning after considering four criminal cases, which comprised the docket and were discharged Monday afternoon.

A not true bill was returned in the case of William Foster, charged with a statutory crime.

True bills were returned against Richard Roe and John Doe, who were out of the state.

True bills were also found against Retha Swartzfiger and Carl Dusenberry of Gold Hill, who were charged with contributing to the delinquency of Lizzie Horn, a minor sister of Mrs. Swartzfiger. Dusenberry is a jitney driver and his indictment is a forerunner of action to be taken against other jitney drivers of the country who are making a practice of hauling parties containing minors upon joy rides.

Mrs. Swartzfiger and Dusenberry were arraigned this morning in circuit court and were given until Saturday morning to enter a plea.

The criminal docket of the circuit court will, in all probability, be the lightest in a number of years. Fourteen civil cases have been set for trial and it is expected that the term of the court will last in the neighborhood of two weeks.


  • Mrs. Victoria Mitchell Crow representing the Woman's Baptist Foreign Missionary society, will speak to the ladies on Wednesday, Oct. 18th at 9 o'clock at the Baptist church. She will also speak to the girls at 4 o'clock. Mrs. Crow has a very pleasing personality and wide experience in missionary work having spent seven years in Burma.

  • A warrant was sworn out before Justice Taylor Tuesday morning by Charles F. Jacobs charging Harry Hildebrand and Raymond Ranch with assault and battery. The men all live near the county rock crusher near Siskiyou on the Pacific Highway.

  • The A. W. Walker Auto Co. has received a carload of 1917 model 6-30 Chalmers motor cars, which they have placed on display at their showroom on South Fir street.

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