Mail Tribune 100

Oct. 19, 1916


Bound for Berkeley, Cal., where they will witness the University of Oregon-University of California football game next Saturday, a party of U. of O students spent a few hours in Medford this morning. They left Eugene last night at 9 o'clock and arrived in Medford at 10 o'clock this morning.

The party, of which James Vance of Medford has been elected chief guide, is traveling in two automobiles. They expect to travel night and day, reaching San Francisco late Friday.

After the game Saturday they will start on the return trip, expecting to reach Medford Monday night.

Those in the party are: James Vance, Floyd Westerfield, Joe Bell, Herman Edwards, Jimmy Sheehey, Keith Buggins, William Allen and Fritz Cate.


It has been decided definitely that the "Death Valley Dodge" motion pictures will be shown in Medford. Word was received by Bernard Motor company, local dealer, that the film has been allotted to him for October 25 and 26th, when it will be shown at the Page Theatre.

The coming of this production insures for Medford and opportunity to see the "unbelievable" in motoring. No one could imagine that the Death Valley Dodge's feats were possible unless they were enacted before his eyes. The film provided by Dodge Brothers for the benefit of their dealers, patrons and the public in general, leaves no opportunity for imagination. It cross an expanse of desert area on which many an explorer has gone to death. Sands, rocks, and drivers form no barrier. Mountains are made mere mole hills.

Critics have termed it one of the most remarkable pictures yet produced. The fact that all these obstacles were surmounted by an ordinary stock car, selected from the salesroom of the Los Angeles dealer, bespeaks the quality of the Dodge Brothers car.

"This picture must be exceptionally vivid and convincing," said Mr. Bernard "or the company would not expend an enormous sum to produce it before the entire country and even in cities of other nations."

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