Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 23, 1916

Editor's note: There was no Sept. 24, 1916, paper.

MORE AWARDS FOR PRIZE DISPLAYS AT COUNTY FAIRD. M. Lowe — 1st general display apples — 5 boxes. Box Spitzenbergs, box Winter Banana; 3 box display apples; 5 box display pears; 3 box display pears; largest sound pear; 3 plates late Crawfords; 3 plates Yellow Egg Plugs; collection canned fruit in quart jars. Second — Sample sheaf beardless barley; 3 plates Elbertas. Special farm premium display. Mrs. Martha Gore — 1st sp. machine sewing, point lace handkerchief, cro. edge handkerchief, cro. belt, cro. bag with beads, long chain of beads, necklace of beads, fancy article of beads, sp. drawn work, sofa pillow in silk, Armenian edge handkerchief, point lace specimen. 2d em. corset cover. sp: English evelt, sp. drawn work; sp. hand sewing, sp. Roman cut work, Armenian edge handkerchief, cro. belt, point lace sp., em. corset cover, dis. cross-stitch, point lace handkerchief, tatting edge handkerchief.


  • Old settlers in this vicinity were very sorry to hear of the passing of J. G. Martin in Medford a few days ago. "Uncle Joe" as he was familiarly known in these parts, resided among us for several years, during which time he won the high esteem of all who met him.

  •  The Medford Sun of September 16, containing a copy of the letter of Gifford Pinchot, in which he states why he will support a certain man for president, is being passed among the neighbors.

  •  Otto Jeldness was out this way Thursday delivering new Fords to Col. Washburn and to William Kinny of Sams Valley. Mr. Jeldness claims that they can sell Fords faster than they can get them from the factory.

  •  Our community won second prize on district exhibits at the county fair, scoring some 80 points, which was quite a surprise to many, as very little interest was taken this year by many of our ranchers. Probably we are taking too much credit when we say " our community" won the prize, but as a matter of fact, more than 95 percent of the exhibits come from this community, although the district included all the territory between Gold Hill and Devenger Gap.

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