Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 18, 1916


After eluding the authorities for over a month, Carroll Powell, the sixteen year old boy who has perpetrated a dozen robberies, was captured Sunday morning in a vacant house in the Orchard Home tract, and this morning was hailed before United States Commissioner Davis, and tonight will be taken to Portland by federal orders.

Thursday night he took a bicycle belonging to his father, A. E. Powell, from the back porch of his home and returned again Saturday night and removed the storage battery from his father's car, to use in furnishing current for lights on a motorcycle belonging to Henry Wolf, which he stole Thursday night to make his get away on.

Early Sunday morning A. E. Powell attempted to start his car and found the battery missing. He found the tracks of the bicycle on which the heavy battery had been carried and traced them to the vacant house. Chief Hittson was summoned and the house entered where the lad was found sleeping with two .45 loaded Colt automatics by his side, both stolen.

This morning he was taken in charge by federal officers on the charge of robbing the armory of government property and of taking stamps and other supplies from the post office at Tolo. He waived hearing and was bound over to the federal grand jury.

On account of his youth an effort is being made to have the boy committed to an industrial school rather than to the government penitentiary. He expressed much relief that his long lonesome vigil as bandit is ended, though he refuses to talk as to the reason he left a good home to become a desperado. Most of the loot he had taken was recovered at the house he was captured in.


  • Berries on the Collins ranch have made a remarkable growth this year and this year's growth of shoots on the red raspberry vines are carrying a good crop of berries at the present time which is something very unusual.

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