There are local takers for those black pots

We've been doing a lot of landscaping around our place this year and have accumulated a large stack of those black, plastic planters from local nurseries. We don't want to throw them away, and we've been told not to put them in our curbside recycling bin. Do you know who takes them? Can local nurseries reuse them? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

— Jen H., Talent

Jen, you’re right not to put them in your curbside, comingle recycling bin. Neither Rogue Disposal & Recycling nor Recology Ashland accepts nursery pots because there’s not a market for that particular kind of plastic.

“We used to accept (nursery pots) at the plastic roundup but that was discontinued about a year and a half ago because there was no demand for (the plastic we collected),” explained Laura Leebrick, Rogue Disposal’s community and government affairs manager.

However, there is a local market for the pots. The Garden Shoppe, located on the south side of the Thunderbird parking lot, and Lowes Home Improvement store accept all sizes of nursery pots. Four Seasons Nursery accepts pots that are one gallon or larger, and Southern Oregon Nursery accepts pots that are 10 gallons or larger.

The Grange Co-op used to recycle nursery pots but no longer has the capacity to store them, said staff at the Central Point location.

Jen, while this is not a comprehensive list, we hope one of these nurseries will be able to reuse your pots. Otherwise, you might consider putting them outside your house with a free sign, and perhaps, some earth-conscious gardener will be able to make good use of them.

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