Stairway to nowhere? Nope it has a purpose

What is the purpose of the stairway in that field on the North Medford High School grounds?

— Dee. W., Medford

(Written to the tune of “Stairway to Heaven”)

There’s a lady who’s sure

That Since You Asked will know

Her email subject: “Stairway to nowhere”

Yes, she wrote us a note

Asking all that we know

On this mystery stairway to nowhere

It’s some steps on the field

That North Medford High wields

“What’s the purpose?” Dee asks us, confused.

Grab the phone, make a call

The district doesn’t stall

It takes, like, 10 minutes for an answer

Ooh, it’s for coaches

Ooh, it’s for coaches

“It’s for coaches and (refs),” Natalie Hurd calmly says.

She’s the spokeswoman for the school district

It’s off to the side, of the field you implied

A good vantage point for practice and matchups

*crazy guitar solo*

And as we close out what we know

We hope we helped you to know

Those stairs weren’t built there just for show

That’s all we got; it’s time to go

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