Some Medford residents asked to boil water

Medford Water Commission customers in a small part of east Medford are being asked to boil their water until further notice because of a water main break between Poplar Drive and Skypark Drive.

The break caused a loss of water pressure in the distribution system, which means harmful bacteria could be present in the water for about 26 addresses in the area.

The pressure loss happened Wednesday afternoon when a contractor working on a private construction project hit a 14-inch water line on Highway 62 between Poplar and Skypark.

The following addresses are affected and are asked to boil their water until further notice:

• 2540 Crater Lake Highway

• 2550 Crater Lake Highway

• 2560 (A-C) Crater Lake Highway

• 2580 Crater lake Highway

• 2590 Crater Lake Highway

• 2686 Crater Lake Highway

• 2690 Crater Lake Highway

• 2770 Crater Lake Highway

• 2980 Crater Lake Highway

• 3012 Crater Lake Highway

• 3084 Crater Lake Highway

• 1864 through 2324 Alcan Drive

• 2553 through 2577 Alma Drive

• 1847 Patrick Street

Medford Water Commission officials are asking customers at the affected addresses to bring water to a rolling boil for a full minute, then allow it to cool before using. Store it in a clean container with a cover. This extends to drinking, brushing teeth, preparing food and baby formula, washing produce and cleaning food-contact surfaces.

Agency officials said they will notify the public when boiling is no longer needed, but it could be up to 36 hours before test results are available.

See or call 541-774-2430.

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