Medford police investigate a report of a shot fired into Noho's Hawaiian Cafe in Medford Saturday night. Mail Tribune / Jamie Lusch

Shots fired into 2 restaurants

Police are investigating reports of shots fired into two Medford restaurants within minutes of each other tonight.

The first was reported at Noho's Hawaiian Cafe, 330 McAndrews Road, just before 7 p.m. Between 40 and 50 people were inside at the time. The single shot pierced a window on the north side facing McAndrews Road, but no one was reported hurt.

Police say the source was a "projectile" but they're not yet certain it came from a gun, according to Sgt. Justin Ivens of Medford police. 

Customer Amanda Villa, who was inside the restaurant eating dinner with her husband and family at the time, said everyone heard a "pop."

"We thought it was a neon sign," Villa said.

She said a staff member saw where the shot hit the window and told everyone to get down.

"Thank God for that girl," Villa said. Police arrived quickly, she said.

About 20 minutes later, emergency dispatchers received a report of a similar shot into a window at Jimmy John's, 1093 Medford Center. The caller apparently told dispatchers he or she had heard the shot 10 minutes before, but didn't recognize the sound until seeing the hole in the window. About five people were inside the sandwich shop at the time, Ivens said.

Ivens said the investigation is in the early stages, and police don't yet know whether the person who shot the projectile was on foot or in a vehicle. Ivens asked anyone with information about the shots to call the tip line 541-774-2250.


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