Police warn store clerks about ‘convincing’ phone scam

A local fast-food restaurant was bilked out of at least a till’s worth of cash in a phone scam that Medford police are highlighting in hopes that future store clerks won’t fall for it.

The scammer Friday night telephoned the Subway shop in the 1200 block of Crater Lake Avenue and persuaded an unidentified store employee that the caller was with Subway’s corporate office, according to the Medford Police Department.

The caller told the employee to close the business and take all the cash on the premises to a local store to buy prepaid Visa gift cards, police said.

The employee was then instructed to supply the numbers on the cards and also provide information on his or her personal account so a reward could be wired “for a job well done,” according to Medford police’s Facebook page on the case.

A store employee telephoned Medford police at 2:30 a.m. Saturday to report the scam, which police said was used successfully at a Medford gas station in the past.

The amount of money and details about the store employee were unavailable Saturday, police said.

While falling for the scam may appear from the outside as unbelievable, police warn that the scammers are “convincing” and that store owners and managers should warn their employees about the ruse.

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