OSU schedules mass vaccination in attempt to stem outbreak

In a bid to halt an outbreak of meningococcal disease, Oregon State University will hold five straight days of mass vaccination clinics starting Tuesday, university officials announced.

Since the first case was diagnosed in November 2016, six students have fallen ill with strain B of the potentially fatal disease on OSU’s Corvallis campus.

The university has been ramping up measures to stem the outbreak, and after the sixth case was diagnosed last month it made vaccinations for meningococcus B mandatory for all students 25 or younger, the most susceptible age group.

The vaccination clinics will be held from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday of next week. Students can check in at the Student Experience Center Plaza, next door to the Memorial Union.

Meningococcus B vaccinations require at least two doses, which must be given a month apart. Students are required to complete the vaccinations by Feb. 15.

State law requires insurance carriers in Oregon to cover vaccines deemed necessary during an outbreak, OSU officials noted. Students who don't have insurance are urged to attend one of the clinics, where staff members may be able to provide coverage options.

For students unable to attend the clinics, the vaccine may be available from their doctor or a local pharmacy.


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