Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 4, 1917


A committee headed by E. W. Liljegran, of the Southern Oregon Mining bureau, and S. L. Sandry of the Blue Ledge forces, has arrangements well toward completion to stage an "added attraction" at the Jackson County fair. The new event, which probably will be scheduled to Thursday, September 20, will consist of several matches between mining drillmen, and a prize of $160 to the winning team is intended to be awarded. Second and third prizes will be announced later.

Each team, which consists of two men, will drill for 15 minutes, the hammerman and the drillman exchanging the respective tools every 30 seconds, which these experts do without the slightest confusion, and with no loss of time. The drilling will be done in hard granite. The team that has the deepest hold drilled in the granite at the end of 15 minutes will be entitles to the first prize.

The drilling meet is intended for contestants from Southern Oregon and Northern California, although no barrier against men from any other district will be raised. Already entries from Takilma, Waldo and Yreka have been received.


A capacity house greeted the patriotic concert given last evening at the Page theater by the Soldier's auxiliary for the benefit of the Seventh company. From first to last the affair was entirely enjoyable and was nut another example of what a combination of ability and enterprise can accomplish.

A picture comedy-drama and orchestral selections under the direction of Harry Howell preceded the musical program, which began with an overture of patriotic airs by the orchestra. Miss Adele Brault, dramatic soprano, gave the first vocal number, an exquisite aria from "Samson et Dalila", sung in French, with a most expressive interpretation. "The Marseillaise" brought instant response from the audience.

Mrs. Isascs in this appearance was a delight as of old. She has gained greatly while on tour. One feels the student stage is quite in the past. Mr. Vawter's three numbers, each of distinctly different style, were never more admirably rendered - interpretations and voice equally excellent.

Mrs. Isaacs second number introduced an innovation in the orchestral accompaniment at the close which added greatly to the performance.


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