Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 3, 1917


The "safety" deposit vaults of the Bank of Jacksonville, at Jacksonville, Ore., were drilled into between one o'clock and daybreak on Sunday morning, and their contents — estimated by bank attaches at $500 in money and $600 in jewelry — were taken in addition to about $100 currency, belonging to the bank.

The only clue left by the robbers was a pair of ordinary chisels, on each of which was stamped the letters "F.E.P."

The greater losers among the depositors were Ernest Langley, who is reported to have had $500 in cash stolen. Ed Helms and J.W. Bybee. Helms last five gold watched, some of which were valuable, several rings, including one valuable diamond, and some gold nuggets and a locket. Bybee's stolen articles include one diamond ring and a chain of gold nuggets.

Estimates made by a country officer Monday morning, placed the loss of jewelry at $1500.

Attaches of the bank, who were in Medford Monday morning, declared the Bank of Jacksonville was not legally responsible for the loss, and wished this statement to be made known.

The Bank of Jacksonville itself lost about $100 in small silver denominations which was in easy reach of the burglars. It is protected by $7000 burglar insurance.


--Fatal Accident on Siskiyou Highway Saturday Evening — Truck Loaded with Workmen Returning With Groceries From Hilt — Central Point Man Among Victims. --

William Thomas Stidham, 49 years old, of Central Point, was killed outright, and George Robinson, about 45 years of age, of Portland, suffered injuries from which he died at 1 o'clock Sunday morning at the Granite City hospital, Ashland, as a result of a heavy G.M.C. truck, in which they were riding, going over a grade on the Pacific Highway, 162 feet south of the Oregon boundary line, about 9:30 o'clock on Saturday night. Two Italians received dangerous, although probably not fatal, injuries in the same accident, and also are at the Granite city hospital.

Stidham's death resulted from his head having been badly crushed, and Robinson's death was caused by internal injuries. Stidham was a roller employed at the Davis camp, and Robinson was a rock spreader.

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