Hey, I know that cougar

A Southern Oregon University student came in for some unexpected attention over the past few days after he mistakenly hit Reply All in response to an email from a university administrator.

Greg Perkinson, SOU vice president of finance and administration, sent out a campuswide email Friday reminding people to be safe in the wake of reports that a large cougar had been spotted in Ashland neighborhoods. The email concluded, “If you see a cougar, please call 911.”

To which SOU senior Caleb Diaz replied, also by email: “That’s just my mom.”

Pretty funny — and it got even funnier when it turned out his email was sent to the entire university. Then it took on a life of its own on Twitter and, before he knew it, Caleb was being contacted by BuzzFeed News, an often-irreverent national online news site.

Diaz wasn’t so sure it was that funny, telling BuzzFeed: “I was like ‘Oh my gosh, oh no.’ I had like, a panic attack. I ran out, grabbed my laptop, and googled ‘How to delete email from Gmail that you’ve sent.’”

Corrected online: The SOU senior identified here was originally misidentified as "Cameron." The mother originally identified in the story was also misidentified as Caleb's mother.


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