Foothills project still in paperwork phase

A few years ago the Mail Tribune reported that the city of Medford had the funds in place to widen Foothills Road from Hillcrest to McAndrews. Whatever happened to that project? — Wally P., Central Point

Money was one of several hurdles the city had to clear before the first excavator will arrive on scene, Wally. For now, Public Works Director Cory Crebbin says the project remains in a paperwork phase.

The funds, as you may know from reading past coverage, comes from a mix of city and federal funds. The city put up $10 million, and an additional $3 million came from the federal government.

Federally funded projects require certified appraisals, Crebbin said. That’s now completed, and the city is working to acquire the land necessary to expand the road according to the project. Because the properties are larger, Crebbin said, there are fewer to worry about than was the case with the Lozier Lane project in west Medford, but that process still requires time.

Gas lines, water lines, power lines and phone lines also have to be accounted for before any asphalt is broken, Crebbin said.

The city’s website, features a page with an update from March 31 — click on “Projects happening in your neighborhood.” A timeline there projects the completion date for the Foothills expansion as Dec. 31, 2020.

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