Couple ordered to pay Crater Lake restitution

Herald and News

CRATER LAKE — A Bonanza couple has been ordered to pay $2,243 in restitution to Crater Lake National Park after being sentenced to probation for damaging park property last year.

John William Moeller, 38, and Lindsey Lorraine Johnson, 37, were sentenced to three years of probation Sept. 14 after pleading guilty in May to federal charges of conspiracy to commit theft of government property and depredation of government property.

They were ordered to repay the park for damage to a fee collection box at the south entrance. They also were banned from entering park grounds without court permission.

Moeller and Johnson were arrested Nov. 18, 2016, after multiple attempts to break into the box using tools including a drill, a reciprocating saw, a crowbar, a chisel and wrenches. At one point they tied a metal chain around the box and attempted to pull the box off its mount with their vehicle.

While on probation, Moeller and Johnson must complete 40 hours of community service, may not consume intoxicants or frequent places where intoxicants are sold and must complete substance abuse treatment.

Johnson was also ordered to complete a mental health evaluation and an education services program.

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