A green painted area on the Medford airport tarmac is not going to contain an Oregon Ducks logo according to airport manager Bern Case. Bob Pennell / Mail Tribune photo - Bob Pennell

Since You Asked: A landing zone for Ducks?

I travel out of the Medford airport a lot, but recently I saw this big green circle in the middle of the runway. It almost looks like they're starting to paint the Oregon Ducks logo. Is that the plan? It would be a nice addition to the airport.

— Jeff H., Medford

The green circle does stand out, Jeff, especially from the observation deck in the terminal. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your alma mater, it doesn't have anything to do with the Ducks.

It's an area of the tarmac where officials don't want planes to cross over. Lights that stick up out of the ground are located in the circle, which is about 100-feet wide.

Airport Director Bern Case said the airport could have planted grass in the circle, but opted for green paint, which requires less maintenance.

He said the airport gets lots of questions about the circle, with many suggesting it would make a good Ducks logo.

"I had fantasies of it myself, but I don't think the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) would go for it," Case said.

The FAA suggested the airport paint the area during a recent inspection because of the possibility that a plane could inadvertently taxi over it. As a result, the airport painted the circle grass green almost a month ago.

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