Don't know much about Glenwood Park

The area between Medford and Phoenix is growing with the sports complex and the extension of South Stage Road and all. How about Glenwood Park? Is it still on the drawing board?

Suzy R., Medford

We hadn't heard of a Glenwood Park between Medford and Phoenix. We checked with the city of Medford and Jackson County and officials there hadn't heard of it, either.

So we did a little more checking and found that there is a Glenwood Park, but it's in Ashland at the intersection of Glenwood Drive and Ashland Street behind Southern Oregon University. It's a very small neighborhood park of about 2 acres donated to the city and built in the 1980s, according to Steve Gies, Ashland parks superintendent.

Despite its small size, it was home to Ashland's Tree of the Year (a walnut) in 1993 and includes an unusual heirloom pear tree with "delicious fruit," according to Mail Tribune archives.

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