Mike McLane, Brie Malarkey

District 55: Malarkey, McLane

Here are the two contenders for Oregon House District 55, which covers northeastern Jackson County, northern Klamath County and most of Lake County. Ballots go out Friday and are due back to the Jackson County Elections Office by 8 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Brie Malarkey

Age: 42

Residence: Shady Cove

Occupation: Entrepreneur; owner of Breeze Botanicals

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy, Planning and Management, University of Oregon

Political experience: None. I'm a native Oregonian, a real and active citizen who cares about issues that pertain to all of us, not a career politician.

Top priorities if elected: Economic viability of rural Oregon — I want to ensure communities' ability to self-sustain with local and passionately run businesses. Rural jobs are fragile and at risk of dissolving, especially those created by small businesses. Let’s protect Oregon micro-industries by creating policies that support small business and, in turn, our communities.

Individual choice and freedoms — I believe strongly in our right to choose the best path for each of us and our families. Through my work as state representative, I will protect Oregonians' rights while taking into consideration the overall impact on society, our environment and the rights of other individuals.


Mike McLane

Age: 51

Residence: Powell Butte

Occupation: State representative; lawyer; lieutenant colonel, Oregon Army National Guard

Education: Juris Doctor, Lewis & Clark Law School; Bachelor of Science, Oregon State University

Political experience: State representative, 2011-present; House Republican leader, 2012-present; Ways & Means Committee, 2011-present; Emergency Board, 2011-present; House Rules Committee, 2013; House Committee on Rural Communities, Land Use and Water, 2015-present.

Top priorities: 1) Good Jobs: I will continue to work with businesses in our communities to create an environment for growth of good jobs — jobs that pay enough for families to prosper. For District 55, that means I will continue to support the Data Center industry, Agriculture, Forestry and the small businesses in our towns. 2) Our schools: District 55 has a lot of small schools that have budget challenges like other schools, but benefit by state allocations for rural students. I will fight to keep those allocations in place and work with teachers and administration to improve the education our kids receive.

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