Alan DeBoer, Tonia Moro

District 3: DeBoer, Moro

Here are the two contenders for Oregon Senate District 3, which covers Medford and southern Jackson County. Ballots go out Friday, Oct. 21, and are due back to the Jackson County Elections Office by 8 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Alan DeBoer and Tonia Moro will face off in a forum Thursday, Oct. 20, sponsored by the Mail Tribune and League of Women Voters of Rogue Valley. The forum will be from noon to 1 p.m. in the RCC/SOU Higher Education Center auditorium, 101 S. Bartlett St., Medford. Audience members will be able to submit written questions.

Alan DeBoer

Age: 65

Party: Republican

Residence: Ashland

Occupation: Auto dealer and consultant

Education: Ashland High School, General Motors School of Merchandising and Management, accounting classes at Southern Oregon University

Political experience: Mayor of Ashland, four years; Ashland School Board, eight years; Ashland City Council, two years; Rogue Valley Council of Governments, Rogue Valley Area Commission on Transportation, 14 years.

Top priorities: To bring both sides together and bring fresh ideas and solutions for the people of Oregon. Closing loopholes to make sure that everyone, including corporations mentioned in Measure 97, pay their fair share, find revenue by managing our budget and streamlining services. PERS must be addressed to make sure promises made to our public employees can be met. Mass transit, affordable housing, homeless issues, food bank, historical, veterans, student loans, medical, education and senior care are all issues I have had experience with. Give me your vote, and in two years judge the results.

Tonia Moro

Age: 52

Party: Democrat

Residence: Medford

Occupation: Lawyer

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Stetson University; Juris Doctor degree, Nova Southeastern University; third-year non-matriculating at Lewis and Clark Law School

Political experience: Rogue Valley Transportation District board, 2015, chair in 2016; chair, Rogue Valley Transit Now PAC, 2016; county commissioner candidate, 2014; city counsel for Jacksonville, Talent, Shady Cove and Gold Hill, 1990s.

Top priorities: I will work to ensure that every Oregonian has access to the basics for a successful life — affordable and quality education, housing, health care, transportation and more. This will include working to address the growing wealth inequality that leaves hard-working people struggling to make ends meet while those at the very top accumulate unprecedented riches. I will work to address two problems at once — jobs and climate change — by investing in clean-energy jobs that speed our transition to sources such as solar and rapidly increase energy efficiency in our homes, businesses and public facilities.

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