A look at the candidates

Age: 58

Residence: Central Point

Employment: Self-employed — Timberline Land Surveying

Education: Crater High School graduate; one year at Southern Oregon University (then Southern Oregon College); licensed land surveyor in Oregon and California

Experience: Nearly 40 years of land surveying experience in both private and public projects. Active in community service, including six years on the Southern Oregon Drug Awareness board; 10 years on the Central Point School Board; current president of Central Point Planning Commission; and active member for 12 years of Professional Surveyors of Oregon, including serving as president twice.

Top three priorities if elected:

1. Maintain the current excellence in the keeping of records and maps, the great services offered by the surveyor's office and the oversight of partitioning and subdividing of lands process.

2. Continue to upgrade online services. Add additional information (maps, road records and historical documents) to current site.

3. I would very much like to make the County Surveyor's Office more publicly visible and better understood. Community involvement can help greatly, as well as a connection with our schools. Additionally, communication with other public agencies would be a priority.

Age: 62

Residence: Eagle Point

Employment: Hoffbuhr & Associations Inc. of Medford.

Education: Associate of engineering degree from Oregon Institute of Technology

Experience: Thirty-nine years of surveying experience, 25 of them as a professional licensed land surveyor, most of them spent in Jackson County. Projects include commercial construction, subdivision design and layout, land partitions, boundary surveys, condominium projects, aerial photogrammetry control and U.S. Corps of Engineers projects at Lost Creek Lake, Applegate Lake and boundary for the Elk Creek Dam project.

Top three priorities if elected:

1. The Jackson County Surveyor's Office, as it exists today, is one of the most professional and public service-oriented surveyor's offices in the state of Oregon. My No. 1 priority would be to maintain that excellence and attitude of service to the citizens of Jackson County.

2. Jackson County's Geographic Information Service has been making records and maps available to the public through the county's Web site. There is a definite need to include records and maps from the surveyor's office. I would work to coordinate the needs of the surveyor's office with the workings of GIS.

3. The surveyor has a responsibility to preserve the corner monuments of the Public Land System placed by the federal government. These corners form the basis of the land-identification system used in deeds and boundary control. There is a continuing need for the surveyor to visit and preserve these monuments.

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