Little Hyatt fish were trapped and released in other waters

I read your article online about Little Hyatt Lake. I have memories of fishing there when I was young. Would it be possible for you to do a follow-up article on what fish they find in that lake when it is drained?

— Ed A., Dallas, Texas

You and Robert B. of Medford, apparently both ardent anglers at that picturesque little reservoir, have snagged our attention, Ed.

Robert was concerned about an earlier report that some 300 bullhead catfish were disposed of during the live fish trapping project while the reservoir was being drained. He hoped they were battered and fried.

Although officials originally said the catfish had been disposed of, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, working with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, now say that a total 425 bullhead cats were caught and they were all released into Emigrant Lake. You may want to grab your rod and head there, Robert.

A total of 13,813 fish were caught and removed from the reservoir during six days of trapping, according to Jim Whittington, the BLM's Medford District spokesman.

In addition to the catfish, 184 rainbow trout — including several lunkers that measured 20-inches plus — were released into Hyatt Lake and 10,897 dace were released into Keene Creek Reservoir.

Some 2,300 golden shiners — small non-native trash fish — were destroyed, Whittington said.

The agency is considering whether to remove the 84-year-old dam because of concerns over its structural integrity. Engineers are expected to present their conclusions to the BLM this week about the stability of the 18-foot high dam.

A decision is expected next week. Meanwhile, the area is closed to the public because of safety concerns.

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