SOU info is lost

A misplaced list containing personal information on roughly 400 Southern Oregon University students has prompted the school to alert students and tighten internal controls on such information.

"Given the national attention on identity theft, we wanted to make sure people knew what happened and were not concerned," said Jonathan Eldridge, SOU's vice president for student affairs. "This way they can do whatever they need to do to get peace of mind."

Officials notified the affected students of the lost list Sunday and hadn't heard any concerns so far this week, he said.

A maintenance worker lost a list that included names, phone numbers, addresses, room numbers, genders, birth dates and student identification numbers. The list was being used by maintenance crews preparing rooms in Greensprings and Suzanne Homes residence halls for students to move in last week, officials said.

The identification number was the only confidential detail on the list and it only has use in campus matters such as registering for classes and making payments, Eldridge said. Students must have a personal identification number, photo identification or the answers to security questions in addition to their student ID numbers to access or change school records. All the other information on the list is public information that would be included in any student directory.

SOU stopped using Social Security numbers for identification two years ago and went to randomly assigned numbers to reduce the risk of losing personal information in this type of situation, Eldridge said.

To further limit potential risk, supervisors will provide only the relevant information, such as name and room number, for the teams preparing rooms, he said. The misplaced list had been generated for another purpose that needed more details, then reused for room preparation, he explained.

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